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  • Half of all fish caught in the North Sea is thrown back overboard dead. By supporting this campaign your name will be added to a letter to be sent to Commissioner Maria Damanaki members of the Common Fisheries Policy Reform Group and all MEPs. Click here to read that letter. The Fish Fight Campaign will officially launch in January 2011. Updates will be posted here soon.
  • Most of the questions I've gotten over the years have been to one degree or the other concerning Shakespeare and his works. Not altogether surprising given that it's a site about Shakespeare. However there have been enough personal or site-related questions over the past four plus years that it seemed reasonable to put together a page with some of the more useful information about the SRC itself and the editor.
  • Through the miracle of technology the Shakespeare Resource Center has enlisted Will to help answer your questions--and not just those about the Bard and his works. Got a question? Want a non-judgmental second opinion? Need advice? Let William Shakespeare take a stab at the answer.

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